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Our dives

The Alpha Plongée Martinique recipe

Our location on the Caribbean coast, in Grande Anse d’Arlet, between the Diamond Rock and Anse Dufour, we can offer you :

20 of the most beautiful dive sites in Martinique 4 dive times: 7am, 10am, 2pm and 6pm With 6 state qualified instructors and PADI Instructors 2 boats fully equipped for the activity 1 spacious and comfortable room Add to this Rich and varied dives A good dose of knowledge of the environment And you get the Alpha Plongée Martinique recipe! And there is something for everyone: beginners, trainees or experienced divers.

The baptism of diving

A must-see in Martinique

At Alpha Plongée, we attach particular importance to your first dive. Your first dive must be a magical moment and remain unforgettable. Hand in hand, alone with your instructor, you will make your first fin strokes in a magical setting. Welcome to the third dimension. For adults (from 14 years old), we can go down to a depth of 6 meters. For children, we will adapt the depth according to their age. People with disabilities are welcome and we will do our best to share our activity with you. After a first initiation on the beach, during which we will introduce you to underwater breathing, we will embark for one of our diving sites. It is there that you will make your first dive, a dive that we will personalise according to your wishes. At the end of this first adventure, you will have learned to breathe and to observe underwater. And you will only have one desire… to continue!

Gift voucher for a first dive

Give the gift of a first dive

It’s the ideal gift that’s sure to please… and that’s our commitment to you!

We will provide you with a voucher with the person’s first and last name and a bank details slip for payment.

All you have to do is contact us to make an appointment: we dive every day at 10am and 2pm.

Then it’s off for a half-day of pure bliss: an introduction on the beach, a bit of boating, snorkelling on the reef and, above all, your first dive, a dive on your own with an instructor who will personalise the experience to make it unforgettable!

Our trainings

Beyond the first dive

Beyond the first diveIn the best conditions

Want a little more freedom and autonomy? Then it’s time to train to dive. We deliver both French and international diplomas.  


A first certification in 3 dives!

The PADI Scuba Diver will allow you to dive to 12 metres, accompanied by an instructor. From your first training dive, you will learn to assemble and disassemble your equipment. All set? Then let’s go and discover what it means to balance underwater because the instructor won’t hold you anymore! During these three dives, we will teach you all the simple gestures to know to evolve in group with an instructor. 0-12 metres is the richest area of the Caribbean Sea because the light and colours are there!  


to learn all the basics of diving

It is the logical continuation of the Scuba Diver. Unless you are tempted to take this level directly in 6 dives. You will have access to a very complete e-learning theory course. You will be able to understand all the basics of diving. This will be an opportunity for you to perfect your stabilisation and to discover the instruments that make life easier when diving: parachute, dive computer, compass, etc. Thanks to the Open Water certification, you will be able to go diving at the Diamond Rock and cross the fault: an impressive scenery!



Discover the many facets of diving

5 “adventure” dives that will allow you to discover new sensations: deep diving (30 meters), orientation, night diving, wreck diving, improving buoyancy, drift diving … The multitude of sites within our reach, our PADI team and our fast boat will allow us to offer you all these diving themes. And if you wish to go further in a particular field, we offer you PADI SPECIALTIES courses. After the Advanced Open Water, you can take the Deep Diver Specialty course to go up to 40 meters!


Become a scuba diver

You have learned the basics of scuba diving … you have discovered different forms of the activity … now you just have to learn how to help another diver to become a completely autonomous diver! Various scenarios will allow us to show you how to help another diver, whether it be while immersed or when you return to the surface. First aid, dive assistance and autonomy are on the agenda of this course which will make you an accomplished diver.

Diving on the Nahoon wreck
Scuba Diving Dive Master


Would you like to supervise other divers?

To go from being a diver to a dive leader, you will have to follow the Dive Master course. Two weeks and 20 dives will allow us to give you a taste of the joys of our profession: guiding others underwater. The Dive Master course is the first step in your career with PADI.

20 dive sites on the Caribbean coast

From Diamond Rock to Anse Dufour

1. Anse Dufour (0-25m)

A coral drop off that slides over a sandy bottom at 25m. It is a place colonised by beautiful sponges and a multitude of corals: a real spectacle of colours. Look out for seahorses! And if you don’t find them, scan the sand for sand urchins…


3. L'Anse 3 Airs (0-15m)

Anse Trois Airs offers the possibility of diving on a wreck from the moment you are christened. The place owes its name to the ship that ran aground there and is accessible to divers, even beginners. The site is made up of rocks up to 7 metres deep. The site is made up of rocks up to 7 metres deep and then a sandy beach where you can see a field of sea urchins.


3. Le Nahoon (25-35m)

This former buoy tender, deliberately sunk in 1993 to a depth of 35m, offers a superb spectacle: barracudas, paddles, lobsters, moray eels, etc. You will be delighted by the walk on deck and the visit to the holds. Have your picture taken at the helm!


2. Pointe de la Baleine (0-25m)

A quiet walk along this rocky scree where it is not uncommon to meet turtles. They often walk in the middle of a very rich and diversified fixed fauna. The drop off is on your left so don’t hesitate to look to your right: many schools of fish such as manioc pass by again and again. We often do this drift dive from Anse Trois Aires. What a pleasure to be carried by the current…


4. Anse de la Fortune (0-15m)

This site is very well suited for beginners’ courses and baptisms. Walking through the canyons surrounding the coral spuds, you can discover squid, trumpet fish, sea urchin colonies and shrimp of all kinds. It’s the perfect place to start your diving career!


5. Le Trou du Souffleur (0-35m)

This is the last site in the series of Cape Solomon anchorages and a haunt for barracuda. We always have a slight current at this site, an ideal playground for these predators. Whether we walk between sand and rocks for 20 meters or follow the scree in 10 meters, we are sure to encounter kingfish, jacks and other munchers…


6. La Piscine de Salomon (0-35m)

Large rocky screes where you will be greeted by a multitude of small fish (sergeant majors, castanets ….). Don’t forget to look in the blue: jacks and kingfish are often present. Then, let yourself slide for about thirty metres to explore the pretty coral spats. An ideal playground for butterfly fish or filefish. Look at this one spotted with blue: it’s the scribbled lime.


7. Cap Salomon (0-40m)

There are many possibilities on this rocky scree. To the north you can reach Solomon’s Pool, while to the south you can discover Solomon’s Gardens. But why not stay on the point and watch the big pelagic fish go by. Or try snooping around the rocks for octopus and lobster.


8. Les Jardins de Salomon (0-30m)

Nice walk between rocky screes and white sandy beaches with beautiful coral patches. Numerous scorpion fish have found their place here. Sometimes, thanks to the current, you can reach the Solomon’s gardens by leaving the Pool and passing by the Cape: a very nice drift dive. And if you do it in the company of one of our turtles… LEARN MORE …

9. Le Tombant de l'Arbre Mort (0-25m)

And what a drop-off! You’ll discover a multitude of corals surrounded by a host of small fish. If you look hard enough, this is where you’ll come across the black triggerfish. Have you poked your nose into this little cave lined with giant spiders? As you make your way back to the boat, you’re sure to come across a large collection of sand dollars. Take a good look at the gorgonians: the Caribbean Dollars bask there.


10. Le Jardin d'Eden (0-25m)

We are in a magnificent coral garden. We have two options: join the drop off further south via the spider cave or simply stroll through this maze of reefs inhabited by thousands of multicoloured fish. We will surely meet one of our Grande Anse turtles who like to be there.


12. La Lézardette (0-30m)

We are in a magnificent coral garden. We have two options: join the drop off further south via the spider cave or simply stroll through this maze of reefs inhabited by thousands of multicoloured fish. We will surely meet one of our Grande Anse turtles who like to be there.


11. La pointe Lézarde (0-40m)

One of the closest dives to the centre and certainly one of the most beautiful! It is ideal for rehab as there is rarely any current. Take the opportunity to have a good look in the holes and cracks: you will discover spotted redhorse, lobsters and snappers. Let yourself be guided by one of our French angels but don’t forget to look out to sea, we have already seen a leopard ray!


12. La Grotte aux Couleurs (0-15m)

This is our favourite site to introduce you to scuba diving. You will walk along a wall covered with sponges, explore the cave lined with sponges of all colours and wander through the small coral garden. Look closely under the rocks, where many diodons have made their home. And don’t forget the antennae, the toad fish that take on the colour of the sponges they rest on: not easy to find!


13. Crique Abricot (0-15m)

Après un baptême à la Grotte aux Couleurs, rien de mieux que ce site pour commencer un niveau de plongée : le fond de la crique vous permettra de débuter en douceur et le jardin de corail sera un excellent terrain de jeu pour parfaire votre équilibre. Tout cela sous le regard des poissons perroquets et des chirurgiens bleus. Et si on terminait cette plongée en allant voir les poissons marionnettes sur le sable ? Et pour les plongeurs certifiés, c’est aussi le départ pour les Petites Jorasses!


14. Les Jorasses (0-60m)

Very beautiful relief made of faults, holes and rocky heaps without forgetting this wall from 40 meters. The encounters are as surprising as they are unexpected: black or yellow-tailed jacks, turtles, kingfish, captains. There is something for all tastes and all levels of diving. But beware of the current!


15. La pointe Burgos (0-60m)

Lippus, pagres, gorettes, platax: each school of fish has its place on this set of faults. If you glide along the point, you will discover an atmosphere where everything seems big and still. Did you see that huge sorbian snapper go by?


16. Petite Sirène (0-35m)

Welcome to this magnificent coral garden which offers you the full extent of our Caribbean fauna. Angel fish, box fish, parrot fish… they are all here. It is also a starting point to go diving on the side of the Burgos Point along a beautiful drop off where gigantic barrel sponges are found. Did you find the secret passage during your stop?


17. Le Tombant des Anses (40-50m)

For those who like to go down into the blue. You will arrive on a superb coral plateau with, at 40 metres, a nice drop off that will take you to 50 metres. You can observe stingrays. Don’t forget to take out your parachute because the return trip is made in the open water!


18. Le Rocher du Diamant (0-55m)

The Diamond Rock, 175 metres high, is a bird sanctuary and above all a splendid underwater relief. We will not fail to take you through the fault that allows you to pass inside the Rock. This geological curiosity is a bit far from the coast, which can lead to some unexpected encounters… so be careful!


Where to find us?

Our Alpha Plongée centre is located on the beach of Grande Anse d’Arlet, about 200m to the right of the pontoon, looking out to sea. We are in the middle of the pedestrian street that runs along the seafront, between the restaurants “Bidjoul” and “Les Arcades”. If you decide to join us by car, you can park in the large car park which overlooks the road opposite the grocery shop. It is indicated by a large blue sign. To find us, you just have to cross the road and slip between two rows of houses.

Alpha Plongée Martinique

138 rue Robert Deloy – Plage de Grande Anse 97217 LES ANSES D’ARLET.

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