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Diving at Pointe Lézarde
– Martinique (0-40m)


Pointe Lézarde could almost be called Pointe Zandoli, from the Creole name given to the anoli, the most common lizard in Martinique. Pointe Lézarde is the first cape at the exit of Grande Anse Bay, heading south. It is the closest dive site to the centre and certainly one of the most beautiful and richest in Martinique!

What is Pointe Lézarde in Martinique?

Pointe Lézarde is located south of Grande Anse. The dive spot is sheltered by Pointe Burgos and there is little current, which makes diving very easy at any depth. This also makes the Pointe Lézarde site ideal for offering several activities from the anchorage: baptisms along the rock face, explorations on the first plateau of the point, which is very rich in fish, and spots dedicated to training between 0 and 40 metres. In short, Pointe Lézarde is a coral cliff that is well worth a visit and offers a rich and colourful fauna and flora.

What level to dive at Pointe Lézarde ?

The Pointe Lézarde site is open to all levels and is very accessible, even in the different depth zones. Pointe Lézarde is suitable for first dives, snorkeling and all levels of EPF (Ecole de Plongée Française) and PADI.

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What can you see while diving at Pointe Lézarde?

When you pass the Pointe de la Lézarde for about twenty metres, you are sure to come across an enormous sponge that lives up to its name: the giant barrel sponge. And to reach this size, we are sure that it has already spent more than a hundred years under water. The barrel sponge is a “hard” sponge, unlike the soft ones that colour our reefs. We have them in all colours: yellow, red, green and even fluorescent purple! Very often hanging on to the sponges, we observe like balls of hair all curled up on themselves. Come and dive at night and you will realise that these are real animals which, as soon as daylight falls, spread out underwater to form large fans. These are the gorgonocephalus. They open up at night to filter plankton against the current. In fact, if you hold your dive light close, you will see the animal folding in on itself, as if it were daybreak. By night or by day, Pointe Lézarde is definitely a site not to be missed!

How to go diving at the Pointe de la Lézarde?


To get to the Pointe Lézarde site, it only takes 4 minutes to cross with our boat from our Alpha Plongée Martinique centre in Anses d’Arlet.

The advice of the ALPHA DIVING team

It is deep and very close to the coast. Be careful to stabilise so as not to exceed the depth limit.
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Our Alpha Plongée centre is located on the beach of Grande Anse d’Arlet, about 200m to the right of the pontoon, looking out to sea. We are in the middle of the pedestrian street that runs along the seafront, between the restaurants “Bidjoul” and “Les Arcades”.

If you decide to join us by car, you can park in the large car park which overlooks the road opposite the grocery shop. It is indicated by a large blue sign. To find us, you just have to cross the road and slip between two rows of houses.

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