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Diving at Anse Dufour
– Martinique (0-25m)

Anse Dufour is, together with its little sister Anse Noire, one of our most remote dive sites towards the north of the island of Martinique.
Although the two beaches are close to each other, they are very different from each other. While Anse Noire, as its name suggests, offers a black sand beach, Anse Dufour is characterised by clear waters and an idyllic golden sand beach.

What is Anse Dufour in Martinique?


Anse Dufour and Anse Noire are a real geological curiosity in Martinique. They are the result of what is commonly known as an inversion of relief in a volcanic context.

The two beaches are separated from each other by a rocky tongue, born of a lava flow. Previously, the flow was located in the hollow of the relief, in a valley. But the erosion of the surrounding land has finally placed it on a higher level. Hence the famous term ‘relief inversion’.

The volcanic rocks surrounding the two beaches do not erode in the same way either. This is why the sand on Anse Dufour is white, due to the erosion of shells and corals, unlike the black sand on the neighbouring beach.

The start of the dive is from the southern side of Anse Dufour. A nice scree from 0 to 7 meters offers an ideal playground for baptisms. At the foot of this scree, there is a grassy area where many green turtles live.

Once out of the cove, the dive continues along a beautiful drop off where there is a good chance of encountering hawksbill turtles.

What level to dive at Anse Dufour?


Anse Dufour lends itself perfectly to dives of all levels, whether for a first dive, snorkeling or higher French or PADI levels.

  • Phineas Wormser AvatarPhineas Wormser

    Amazing experience. Went in April 2019. My instructor was JC and he was a super fun guy to be with,... Read more - 23/04/19 

    Gi Niko (NGDXB) AvatarGi Niko (NGDXB)

    I love those guys, did my diving course there and have been coming back every summer since - 18/06/19 

    Tracy Roys AvatarTracy Roys

    We had the most wonderful time diving with Bruno and the crew. They were professional and the equipment was... Read more - 10/01/17 

  • Nadia AA AvatarNadia AA

    Nice and competent staff. The instructor was patient and careful. The kids loved it. We were taken to a very... Read more - 07/09/18 

    Jörg Scholler AvatarJörg Scholler

    Nice and calm teacher with amazing dive spots and modern equipment. - 05/12/19 

    Stefan Mursch AvatarStefan Mursch

    Nice little diving school and very nice instructors. - 22/05/19 

  • Enrico Randi AvatarEnrico Randi

    Great professionals, very helpful. It has been a great experience - 30/12/19 

What can you see while diving at Anse Dufour?

 Diving at Anse Dufour means having the pleasure of meeting the famous turtles that are so emblematic of Martinique. And rather twice than once! And why? Simply because the site allows you to meet green turtles and hawksbill turtles. So, can you tell the difference between these two species during your dive? Come on, we’ll help you a little! The green turtle has a round head and the scales of its shell are stuck together. Whereas the hawksbill turtle has a sort of pointed beak and its scales overlap one another. Its scales overlap, which is where its name comes from. This reptile loves to hang out in the schools of spotted winged ctenophores that come along the reefs. This is one of the basic elements of its diet. Don’t worry, ctenophores are sometimes confused with jellyfish. Nothing to see. You can approach them without fear, they do not sting and you can even observe the small electric current that circulates inside!

How to go diving at Anse Dufour?

To get to the site of Anse Dufour, it only takes 15 minutes by boat from our centre Alpha Plongée Martinique in Anses d’Arlet.

The advice of the ALPHA DIVING team

Be sure to look in the rocks for the turtles that are hiding there and look in the blue for bigger ones.

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