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Diving at Apricot Creek
– Martinique (0-15m)

Apricot Creek is a nice little diving spot, very sheltered and well protected, ideal for first dives, for example along a magnificent drop off.

The site is located to the north east of Burgos Point. To the west are the Jorasses, to the north is the Colourful Cave and to the south we can walk along the whole plateau of the point towards the Little Mermaid.

There are so many possibilities: this is the perfect place to do our underwater orientation course!

What is the Apricot Creek in Martinique?


On one side is the beach of Grande Anse and on the other the beach of the village of Anses d’Arlet. Between these two beaches, there is a path that allows you to cross the Morne Champagne: an ancient volcano whose lava flow has formed the Burgos Point. To link the two beaches, you will need to walk for about an hour and you will be able to admire the blue shades of the Caribbean Sea from time to time.

And when we talk about Burgos Point, we immediately think of Apricot Creek: the ideal starting point for diving on the Jorasses reef or on the Burgos Point plateau.

What level to dive at Abricot Creek?


Diving at Apricot Creek is a guarantee of accessible diving, whatever your level, whether you are a beginner or even a novice. Of course, any PADI or EPF level is perfectly suitable.


What can you see on a dive at Apricot Creek?


At Apricot Creek, the relief is very jagged and there are many small cracks in the reef: this is the favourite playground of octopuses!

The one we observe during the day is called the Common Catfish. It is the only octopus species that can be observed during the day. To find it, all you have to do is look for the small piles of dead shells: it deposits them at the entrance to its hole.

If you choose to join us for a night dive, we may be able to show you other species of cephalopods such as the Caribbean Reef Octopus, also known as the Night Catfish. It can be recognized by the brown ring around its eye.

In any case, day or night, they are the kings of camouflage: it is always very impressive to see them change colour as they move.

How to go diving at Apricot Creek?

To get to the Apricot Creek site, a 7-minute crossing with our boat is enough from our Alpha Plongée Martinique center in Anses d´Arlet.

The advice of the ALPHA DIVING team

Often a point of departure and arrival … and yet one could spend a whole dive exploring this cove

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