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Diving in the Garden of Eden
– Martinique (0-25m)

The Garden of Eden dive spot is undeniably well named! It is a paradise for both beginners and advanced divers.

The site offers different environments to suit everyone’s desires. It is also the favourite holiday destination for juveniles, so you can discover a wide range of species in one place!

What is the Garden of Eden in Martinique?

You won’t find the Jardin d’Eden in any other diving club in Martinique. Why do you ask? Simply because it is a site that we discovered and that we wanted to share with you.

The Garden of Eden is first of all a gentle rocky scree, which extends for about 7 meters before accessing a sandy beach that leads to the Tombant de l’Arbre Mort. The site also has a rocky spit which offers two playgrounds. Passing over it, you can go out and meet the fish during your baptism, for example. Underneath, if you are more experienced, you can discover moray eels, scorpion fish and other animals that hide in the rocks. And to top it all off, you can even have fun getting lost in a small labyrinth of rocks.

What level to dive at the Garden of Eden?


Le Jardin d’Eden en Martinique, c’est un spot idéal pour pratiquer la plongée sous-marine, quel que soit son niveau. On peut s’y adonner au snorkeling ou réaliser son baptême de plongée et même les plongeurs les plus confirmés y trouveront de quoi les ravir.


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What do you see when you dive into the Garden of Eden?

Diving at the Jardin d’Eden in Martinique is a single ticket to a very nice course and above all a discovery of what we could call the nursery! It seems that all the juveniles, i.e. the fish that have not yet reached adulthood, have made an appointment here. It is indeed an opportunity, during the dive, to understand the different stages of transformation of the species.

In the midst of all these juveniles, it will be an opportunity to see, for example, the evolution of the gramma fairies, which you will easily recognise with their two flashy yellow and purple colours. Or the very amusing sheep trunk with its juvenile shape all in roundness and not bigger than a pea. Not forgetting the incredible colours of the Caribbean Angel or the Royal Angel. A real treat for the eyes at only a few metres deep.

How to go diving in the Garden of Eden?

To reach the site of the Garden of Eden, it only takes 5 minutes by boat from our centre Alpha Plongée Martinique in Anses d’Arlet.


The advice of the ALPHA DIVING team

Don’t forget your compass! The site is full of charm, but that’s no reason to lose your sense of direction.
Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have.
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Where to find us?

Our Alpha Plongée centre is located on the beach of Grande Anse d’Arlet, about 200m to the right of the pontoon, looking out to sea. We are in the middle of the pedestrian street that runs along the seafront, between the restaurants “Bidjoul” and “Les Arcades”.

If you decide to join us by car, you can park in the large car park which overlooks the road opposite the grocery shop. It is indicated by a large blue sign. To find us, you just have to cross the road and slip between two rows of houses.

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