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Diving at Rocher du Diamant
– Martinique (0-55m)

Diving in Martinique is irrevocably associated, for the connoisseurs, with the unmissable spot of the Diamond Rock. If the Rock bears the name of the most beautiful and sparkling jewel, it is not by chance. Many are those who come to admire it, whether on land, sea or in the depths.

What is the Diamond Rock in Martinique?

Le Rocher du Diamant is an islet located in the sea south of Anses-d’Arlet. This small island, uninhabited today, is located about two kilometres from the tip of Le Diamant, to which the Rock gave its name, and off the coast of Morne Larcher. The site belongs to the Conservatoire du Littoral and cannot be visited. The site reaches a height of about 175 metres. The characteristic sugar loaf shape that can be seen from the sea corresponds to the inner part of a lava dome. The basaltic peak is actually a volcanic relief. It is the remnant of an ancient chimney that solidified after the volcano erupted. Erosion has gradually removed the shell, revealing a dome of dacite and quartz that is almost a million years old. It is therefore not surprising that at certain times of the day, the sun plays with the brilliant reflections it creates on the rock. The Diamond Rock is aptly named, as nature has turned it into a jewel. But its beauty is even more incredible when it is revealed to divers.

How to go diving at Diamond Rock?

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What can you see while diving at Diamond Rock?

The Diamond Rock dive site offers particularly clear water, thanks in particular to its distance from the coast. This makes it an ideal place to go diving and meet the hawksbill turtles, or tortoises, which inhabit the bottom of Diamond Rock. Corals and a wide variety of sponges also proliferate here, so you’ll be amazed at the colours! But what is really magical about Diamond Rock is its secret passage! A fault that offers an unexpected route between the rocks. In fact, more than a fault, it’s more like a boulder placed about 15 metres from the surface against the Rock itself. The passage measures between 4 and 5 metres wide depending on the place, over a height of 12 to 14 metres, for about 25 metres.

The experience is astonishing for any diver who is lucky enough to challenge the Diamond Rock. The light effects are magical and conducive to wonder. No two dives are alike and this is what makes this spot in Martinique so charming.

The Diamond Rock, a monument of history and natural history

Diamond Rock is also a natural and historical heritage that took part, in spite of itself, in the Napoleonic war between France and England at the beginning of the 19th century. The British belligerents, seeking to take control, had set up armed positions, equipped with cannons. The hundred or so men were supplied by a warship called HMS (His Majesty’s Ship) Diamond Rock. Today, the site is much more peaceful and is home to some forty species of birds including the Great Strawtail, the Superb frigatebird and the Brown noddy. It is also the last refuge of the Martinique Couresse snake, a snake that lives only on the Rock and whose species is in danger of extinction.

How to go diving at Diamond Rock?

To get to the Rocher du Diamant site, it only takes 20 minutes by boat from our Alpha Plongée Martinique centre in Anses d’Arlet.

The advice of the ALPHA DIVING team

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