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Diving at Les Jorasses
– Martinique (15-60m)

Les Jorasses is the ideal playground for experienced divers in Martinique. Without doubt one of the most beautiful dives on the island, which can be seen from the Crique Abricot.

Like their cousins in Savoie, the Jorasses offer a breathtaking panorama. A life-size spectacle not to be missed!

What are the Jorasses in Martinique?

The Jorasses are characterised by a series of stepped coral plateaus slightly removed from the coast and therefore more subject to currents.

The whole, made up of lava flows, is reminiscent of the crests of the Alpine massif that bears the same name. The Jorasses are located as an extension of the Pointe Burgos site.

What level to dive in the Jorasses?

Diving at Les Jorasses requires at least the French Level 1 and the PADI Open Water.

What can you see while diving in the Jorasses?


Because of its location a little far from the coast, the spot of Les Jorasses is often exposed to currents. It is therefore the favourite playground of big fish such as big-eyed jacks which like to move around in schools. It is the ideal place to see them.

We also regularly observe kingfish which are very curious fish. They love to swim around us. They are elongated and can sometimes be mistaken for barracudas. Do you want a trick to distinguish the two species? Look at the tail: the king mackerel’s tail is curved, whereas the barracuda’s is shaped like a brace.

From the Grand Jorasses of Savoie to the Jorasses of Martinique.

If we say Grandes Jorasses you think of course of the famous summit of the Alps in the Mont Blanc massif, very famous for its North face.

Well, we also have our own: is it because we are on the north face of the Pointe Burgos or is it because of the look of the place?

The rock face of Haute Savoie is very impressive: 1200 metres high and 1 kilometre long. Our reef is also impressive: a slope whose foot is 60 metres deep and whose top is 14 metres high.

We would like to show you around from Crique Abricot. After about ten minutes of walking along the plateau of Pointe Burgos, we have the impression of discovering a new reef: it is the Jorasses!

How to go diving in the Jorasses?

To get to the Jorasses site, it only takes 7 minutes by boat from our Alpha Plongée Martinique centre in Anses d’Arlet.


The advice of the ALPHA DIVING team

On this reef, be careful not to get caught by your air consumption. Keep an eye on it, communicate and keep enough reserves to get back to the starting point … because even if it is beautiful, the way back can seem long …

Please do not hesitate to ask us all your questions.

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If you decide to join us by car, you can park in the large car park which overlooks the road opposite the grocery shop. It is indicated by a large blue sign. To find us, you just have to cross the road and slip between two rows of houses.

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