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Diving at Tombant des Anses

– Martinique (40-50m)

Attention… Deep!

For the most experienced divers only, we offer you … the Tombant des Anses. An arcuate slope hidden in the underwater depths that is waiting for you to reveal its secrets.

What is the Tombant des Anses in Martinique?

About ten meters high, the Tombant des Anses is a slope that forms an arc of a circle. The top of the drop off is about 45 meters deep. It is bordered by a beautiful sandy beach on which stingrays like to come and feed.

What level to dive at Tombant des Anses?


The Tombant des Anses site is aimed at minimum experienced divers from Level 3 French Diving School. Indeed, the diving spot starts at 45 meters deep.

What do you see when diving at Tombant des Anses?


One of the attractions to discover at Tombant des Anses are, without a doubt, the famous stingrays. Like their cousins, the eagle rays, these fish are used to foraging for food by snooping in the ground. They greedily savor the small molluscs and crustaceans that they find hidden in the sand.

By the way, do you know the peculiarity of rays? Rays are related to the shark family. Like them, they are cartilaginous fish unlike all other species which are on the other hand bony fish.

Their very large pectoral fins offer a diamond shape to the body of the rays. Above all, they allow them to evolve with a lot of grace and it is a real ballet of dancers that you can attend when you have the chance to meet them.

Stingrays are peaceful animals but you have to beware of their long whip-shaped tail and especially the stinger, the bite of which can be fatal. To observe therefore to admire all its majesty but keeping your distance.

How to go diving at Tombant des Anses?

To get to the Tombant des Anses site, a 12-minute crossing with our boat is enough from our Alpha Plongée Martinique center in Anses d´Arlet.

The advice of the ALPHA PLONGÉE team

Although it is very pleasant to stroll along the Tombant des Anses, watch your computer carefully because the landings come quickly!

Please do not hesitate to ask us all your questions.

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Where to find us?

Our Alpha Plongée centre is located on the beach of Grande Anse d’Arlet, about 200m to the right of the pontoon, looking out to sea. We are in the middle of the pedestrian street that runs along the seafront, between the restaurants “Bidjoul” and “Les Arcades”.

If you decide to join us by car, you can park in the large car park which overlooks the road opposite the grocery shop. It is indicated by a large blue sign. To find us, you just have to cross the road and slip between two rows of houses.

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